Sacred Body Oracle: Heaven’s Gate

The Mental Body

is a sacred cauldron

intuits & discerns

inspires & analyzes

is both open & transparent, dense & walled-off

dissolves old patterns & creates new habits

manifests new realities & holds embedded constructs

invokes the divine & evokes spirit through the body

The mental body is your mind. Its purpose is to open heaven’s gate of¬†awareness…using it for a higher purpose…transforming¬†knowledge into wisdom through experience. You choose how to engage it.

Take ownership this month, anchoring your spirit within your body at all seven levels of consciousness, with all seven glands and their transmissions. Observe all from inside the center of your head where the crystal palace houses your encodement for evolution. Breathe and circulate your life force. Own your body through your conscious breath. Destroy the old, then breathe and create something new. Breathe to make new bones, new blood and marrow. Breathe to be here. Breathe to stop thinking. Breathe to inspire. Breathe. Now.

We are rebooting our regular Sacred Body Oracle readings. Now a part of the Sacred Bodies, Sacred Rhythms newsletter/blog, we’ll post the oracle once monthly along with 4-5 other topics to create a weekly adventure in self-awareness: exploring the mystical conversation between body & spirit.

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