The Christmas Village: Return to Canterbury

Melissa Goodwin’s sequel to the Christmas Village is getting ready to be unveiled in early December! Here’s Melissa’s blog blurb on her latest adventure:


Hello Friends,

Well, I am on track to release RETURN TO CANTERBURY, the much-anticipated sequel to THE CHRISTMAS VILLAGE, in early December! We’ll have a Cover Reveal in a few weeks, but right now it’s time to tease you with the Back Cover Blurb!

So, if we could have a bit of a drum roll please!

by Melissa Ann Goodwin
Things have settled down for thirteen-year-old Jamie Reynolds since last Christmas. That’s when he time-traveled to 1932 and wound up in the town of Canterbury, Vermont. There he met Kelly and Christopher Pennysworth, who quickly became his best friends. Back in his own time again, he misses them every day. But, as the July 4th, 2008 holiday approaches, the biggest black cloud still hovering over Jamie’s life is the mystery of what happened to his dad, who has been missing for almost a year.
Little does Jamie know that he will soon reunite with Kelly and Christopher for an adventure even bigger than their last. Together they’ll uncover a secret plot that threatens to destroy Canterbury. But will they be able to stop it before it’s too late? And will Jamie finally solve the mystery of his father’s disappearance? Return to Canterbury with us and find out!
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The Christmas Village

When Jamie Reynolds comes to his grandparents’ Vermont home for Christmas, he just wants things to go back to the way they were before his dad disappeared. Time and again he is drawn to Grandma’s miniature Christmas village, where he imagines that life is perfect.

Christmas VillageLate one night, the village comes to life before Jamie’s eyes, and his fantasy of escaping into it becomes very real indeed. He discovers that the village is called Canterbury, where the year is 1932. Jamie becomes fast friends with Kelly and Christopher Pennysworth, and is taken in by Ida, who runs the local boarding house. But he also makes a dangerous enemy of the mysterious and menacing Jim Gordon, whose return to town is nothing but trouble.

As Jamie desperately races against time to find his way back home, he is suddenly faced with a terrifying choice: to go ahead with his plan to leave, or to stay and help his friends, at the risk of never going home again. The Christmas Village is an adventure the whole family will love, filled with suspense, secrets and surprises to the very last page.

The Christmas Village is available at Amazon in Kindle edition or hard copy. Enjoy the suspense as town hero, Jamie Reynolds finds his way through his own life challenges by helping others.

Christmas VillageMuch of this review is was taken from the Amazon book description.

Warrior of the Light: The Stand

A Warrior of the Light carefully studies the position that he intends to conquer.

However difficult the objective, there is always a way of overcoming obstacles. He seeks out alternative paths, he sharpens his sword, he tries to fill his heart with the necessary determination to face the challenge.

But as he advances, the Warrior realizes that there are difficulties he had not reckoned with.

If he waits for the ideal moment, he will never set off. The Warrior requires a touch of madness to take the next step.

The Warrior uses that touch of madness. For–in both love and war–it is impossible to foresee everything.” An excerpt from Paulo Coelho’s “Warrior of the Light: A Manual.”

The mature warrior stands up without standing up. He has become one who does not need to stand up because he is, at the very least, aware of the contents of his life and his actions, even if he does not know the results beforehand. He knows his intentions are to serve. He is curious and disciplined, often conservative in his stance.

Before he matured, he searched for other warriors; in his seeking he often found himself begging his closest friends and family to give up their lives to accompany him on his journey. He frequently laid himself out as a personal sacrifice to show those comrades how to survive even the biggest blows to the ego. He stood, like a baby deer, on spindly, clumsy legs.

At one point, long before he began this search, the warrior believed he was one of few people willing and capable of drawing his sword to fight off the dark and angry foes. Acting mostly alone, he used his point to do damage and power-over people, standing strong and loud in the battlefields of his life, wondering why no one ever came to support him in his quest. He destroyed almost everything he wanted to stand-up for.

His own rage was preceded by a long and quiet self-imprisonment, during which time his only weapon, his deep “wanting,” was turned against himself. Living in a self-fulfilling prophecy of helplessness and hopeless collapse, he was a soul without purpose, destined for failure. It is to this place the Warrior returns now and again, the place from which he first grew and one day will leave to those who are at the beginning of their journey.

These experiences have given the Warrior strength, conviction and trust, to climb up and out of the abyss, and to finally crash through the glass ceiling, into the place he’s envisioned all along. This is the place he’s always known, the place worthy of his lifelong warrior’s stance.

Paulo Coelho is a light warrior whose stories relate many of his own journeys, inexorably linking the inner and outer terrain. I find his stories both intriguing and somehow comforting as he is always reaching beyond his known world into new and different frontiers. Tens of thousands of miles and usually continents away, his journeys bring me close to a group of souls I feel I’ve known for aeons. Each of his books not only feels very real to me–whether he writes of men or women, via fiction or non-fiction; they are all quite personal.

This in itself, is incredibly captivating, and certainly why his stories are translated into 71 different languages, selling over 100 million copies.

From his beginning with the “Alchemist,” to his more recent publishing of “The Aleph,” Coelho’s characters–which no matter how obvious or obscure, I see as reflections and vignettes of his own life–are consummate warriors: both arrogant and humble, curious and complacent, fearless and afraid.

After reading through “Warrior of the Light: A Manual” for the second time, I now pick it up a couple of times a week, randomly thumbing through to find a pertinent verse. They are all pertinent, and as this next verse implies, hold a quality of humility and receptivity.

Coelho speaks from the heart every time.

The Warrior of the Light views life with tenderness and determination.

He stands before a mystery, whose solution he will one day find. Every so often, he says to himself: “This life is absolutely insane.”

He is right. In surrendering to the miracle of the everyday, he notices that he cannot always foresee the consequences of his actions. Sometimes he acts without even knowing that he is doing so, he saves someone without even knowing he is saving them, he suffers without even knowing why he is sad.

Yes, life is insane. But the great wisdom of the Warrior lies in choosing his insanity wisely.” An excerpt from Paulo Coelho’s “Warrior of the Light: A Manual.”

Purchase Paulo Coelho’s book.

Faery Singers

Singer of Initiation

Last night I was awakened in the wee hours, most likely by the wee people!

As I lay there trying to find some physical comfort in an otherwise rather twitchy hour, I closed my eyes, looking behind the veils to breathe and practice opening my inner eye.

It’s not a new practice, it’s just that last night something different sort of, well…happened. Sometimes I see a lot of orange, other times it appears to be outlines of people and their faces, and frequently I see the Blue Pearl.

Not so last night. And even though I’ve seen this particular phenomenon before, I’ve never heard the singing that accompanied the visual brilliance. Last night was a first for that.

So many bright little lights, swirling wisps of pink, white and golden light, in all shapes and sizes–moving this way, dancing that way. I looked and looked, and at one point one of the faeries transmitted this to me:

We are the Singers! 

Unity, Ekstasis, Guardian of the Gate

If it hadn’t been so late, no, I mean so early…if it hadn’t been dark and if I’d wanted to come out of that brilliant space, I might have consulted Brian Froud’s, “The Faeries’ Oracle.”  I knew there was a section on the Singers of the Realms.

According to The Faeries’ Oracle, the Singers have many names: angels, devas, gods, dakinis…I can think of a few more too.

Faery Singer of Intuition

“And they sing the song of the underlying universe,” according to their Oracle anyway.

I have to say, this felt so true last night when I was beyond those veils, inside myself, in my inner world. It felt as if they were knitting me together in some way.

But that’s just me, I always feel like I’m being dismantled and taped back together, especially in the wee hours of the night. It’s an inner journey, personal transformation kind of thing; a shamanistic initiation of sorts in which one is shunned, dismembered and near death. Luckily for us, me in this instance, when the Faeries are the root of it, it can be a wondrous, even charming journey. Although when the Challengers are out in force, it’s a very shadowy experience, indeed.

You see, there are five different Faery clans: The Singers, The Sidhe, Faery Guides & Guardians, The Help-Line Troupe and The Faery Challengers. They all have different types of jobs and various vibrations, and depending on what kind of help our Earth and we humans might need will determine what clan makes its way into the land of potentially “seen.”

Yes, I did say potentially. Not everyone sees them, though I’m pretty sure everyone senses them on some level. If you don’t sense them, I think you just don’t know you do, or maybe you’re really dense! I don’t know, you’ll have to reflect on that for yourself.

I’ll bet the Faeries can help you with that!

The Faeries have a lot to say right now, and in this particular time on Earth we had better listen. FYI, I’m sure you can get a more intellectual book about Faery and study a much more intense vein of Faery wisdom, but it might not be as much fun.

G. Hobyah a Faery Challenger

Singers are the angels, the Sidhe are mediators of the singer energies, Faery Guides & Guardians are in direct relationship with we humans and our creative gifts, the Help-Line Troupe are the elementals, and the Faery Challengers help us with our shadow work: bringing it into the light, helping us confront our fears, denials, traumas and bad behaviors.

Pretty important role they play, isn’t it? Yes, actually all of them are critically important to the balance of the Earth and Cosmos and the humans in between.

Get the book. Get it now! It’s been around a while.