Sovereignty & Autonomy

There’s a lot of buzz these days (or has it been lifetimes?) about “becoming sovereign.” It seems to lean toward the idea of owning property (outright), wells & water rights, solar or other alternative power sources; growing & raising one’s own food, and having enough other supplies; detached from mortgages, governing authorities & influences–all in preparation or avoidance of survival issues in a catastrophic event or even the need to rely on others for support.


I like to look at it a bit differently.

Sovereignty is ownership of our personal space (body, energy, chakras, field of influence/aura), and the ability to own ourselves in the spaces we share with others while respecting their sovereign rights. It’s also about owning our emotions, beliefs, attitudes & behaviors.

Ownership is a high level of responsibility for sustaining our essential frequency, which kind of requires us to be aware of our spiritual essence. To be a sovereign, we actually first need to find our spiritual autonomy.

Spiritual Autonomy is akin to being a saint, or mystic. And even though most of us have not had the great phenomenal experiences of those beings we call Buddha, Jeshua, Muhammad, Krishna or the “sainted ones,” we are no less directly linked to the divine–the Great Spirit, God, Creator, or Supreme Being. Autonomy is also about a direct communication link with our inner god. We need not go through another being (guru, priest, minister, teacher, avatar, spiritual master, queen or king) for inspiration & wisdom, nor to reach the heights of enlightenment.

We are born this way: crowned with golden knowingness. It’s part of our spiritual nature. We already are GOD.

The question is: can we fully embody this gift?

When we do finally receive the message, owning land, water, food and other materials goods will be a symptom or resultant state of our spiritual autonomy & sovereignty. It will soon, all very effortlessly, make itself manifest.