Sacred Body Oracle: Awakening Awareness

Growth. Personal growth is always both spiritual and physical–including thoughts & beliefs, attitudes & emotions, not to mention, behaviors.

Ownership. Walking the human path of our earthly experience means we fully honor and anchor in our bodies, accepting responsibility for its energy, experiences and expressions.

Manifesting. Self-realization is like knowledge; it’s one part of the picture. Knowingness is knowledge embodied, like wisdom through experience. Self-actualization is about applying that wisdom and having what we create–everything we create.

Evolution. Activating our soul or essential information relies on our ability to fully embrace our divinity from within our bodies.

Awareness. A wise man once told me that 94% of “this process” is about simple awareness, 4% is about effortlessly creating a new “picture” when we aren’t happy with an old one, and the remaining 2% is about disciplined weeding of the inner landscape.

We are rebooting our regular Sacred Body Oracle readings. Now a part of the Sacred Bodies, Sacred Rhythms newsletter/blog, we’ll post the oracle once monthly along with 4-5 other topics to create a weekly adventure in self-awareness: exploring the mystical conversation between body & spirit.

We offer intuition & healing courses; relaxation and stress reduction; daily Pilates Alchemy classes; movement-energy teacher trainings; intuitive readings & coaching; CD’s, gift cards, oracle cards & books.

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