Sacred Body Wisdom: Conversations Between Body & Spirit

Lie on your back with your knees bent. Your feet are on the floor and your arms are lifted upward, your fingertips reach toward the ceiling. Relax your shoulder blades onto the floor. Alternately move one arm towards the floor overhead and the other to the floor alongside your body. Switch directions. Breathe in as you lift your arms, breathe out as they lower toward the floor. Repeat this about 5 times. Rest.

Now try this: call your awareness into the center of your head. Exhale & watch your body as you very gently pull your belly button down toward your spine. Continue to engage the belly button, alternately moving your arms in the same way, repeating it about 5 times.

Once you synchronize your breath with the movements into an effortless flow, imagine your picture again–the one of you in your life–your true essence. Keep breathing. Keep moving your arms. Repeat the alternating movements as you hold that picture of you,  filled with amusement and enthusiasm!

Alternating movement of the limbs helps the body-mind integrate logical and intuitive hemispheres in the brain. Conscious breathing helps you center and focus on what is important to your soul. Awareness in the center of your head helps you sustain a responsive (non-reactive) state by utilizing chemistry properly. Focusing on your personal picture helps you consciously connect, creating practical daily choices with intentional imagery. When you hold the picture long enough, the image will become part of your longest term memory, actually hard-wiring it into the oldest part of your brain. This creates a new state of being. This is how the body communicates with spirit.

We are rebooting our regular Sacred Body Wisdom readings. Now a part of the Sacred Bodies, Sacred Rhythms newsletter/blog, we’ll post a body wisdom & awareness practice once monthly along with 4-5 other topics to create a weekly adventure in self-awareness: exploring the mystical conversation between body & spirit.

We offer intuition & healing courses; daily Pilates Alchemy classes; movement-energy teacher trainings; intuitive readings & coaching; CD’s, gift cards, oracle cards & books.

One thought on “Sacred Body Wisdom: Conversations Between Body & Spirit

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