Sacred Body Oracle: Clarity

Clear Sight

the Brow Chakra

the Pineal Gland

the 6th Level of Consciousness

the Seat of Your Wisdom

Inner Rhythms




When you soften your focus, relaxing your eyes, your attention moves into the center of your head. When the external sense of sight is withdrawn, you will see your inner world more clearly. As you find your truth in this experience, you might just find a way to respond to the outer world with calm clarity.

Take a nice slow walk in nature. Stroll and visualize. Create the picture you want to see. This is the communication space between your body and your spirit. It is the language you speak with the god of your heart and your subconscious mind. Hold the image in your mind’s eye as long as you can. Stay with it. When the picture disappears, create it again. Let go of all the thoughts and pictures that do not resonate with your picture. Was, breathe, relax and continue to recreate the image for 5 minutes.

We are rebooting our regular Sacred Body Oracle readings. Now a part of the Sacred Bodies, Sacred Rhythms newsletter/blog, we’ll post the oracle once monthly along with 4-5 other topics to create a weekly adventure in self-awareness: exploring the mystical conversation between body & spirit.

We offer intuition & healing courses; relaxation and stress reduction; daily Pilates Alchemy classes; movement-energy teacher trainings; intuitive readings & coaching; CD’s, gift cards, oracle cards & books.


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