Sacred Energy, Sacred Space: Inspiration & Enthusiasm

Some years ago I read a book that identified three levels of inner exploration: Meditation, Contemplation, Focus

I like to call them: Witness, Reflect, Create

Yoga philosophy speaks to its eight limbs, three of these states access the subtle realms: Samadhi, Dhyana, Dharana

Consider the similarities of these three ideologies. Do you ever witness yourself as you move through your day and realize you can change your state of mind? Do you spend time regularly reflecting on your choices? Do you proactively create your life?


How can you use your breath to infuse your full being-ness with inspiration: body, mind & heart? How can you expand your awareness with conscious breathing? How can you share your enthusiasm in the world?


Sit in a quiet space, your feet are on the floor, your eyes are closed.

Begin by breathing naturally to relax your body for a few minutes. Now, practice breathing into your nose and exhaling down your spine into the center of the Earth. Repeat this cycle a few times.

As you become more centered, bring your attention behind your eyes, deep in the middle of your head. Continue breathing into your nose and down your spine  for a few minutes.

This is the space of the sixth chakra—the seat of your wisdom, neutrality and clear sight.

Imagine you are sitting quietly someplace in nature inside the center of your head. Look down through your body to your pelvis. Can you do this without going down there? Look from inside the center of your head to the outside world. Can you do this without going out there? While you are in there, you can use your breath to clear off the area behind your eyes.

Sit in the center of your head, just breathing and observing yourself for several minutes.

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