Sacred Body Wisdom: Breathing, Centering, Releasing

Breathe in through your nose, deep into the center of your head. Allow the wind to flow through your brain and glands, clearing any stagnant energy and thoughts. Exhale down your spinal core, releasing the dross into Earth’s center.

Conscious breathing brings you closer to your own center, calling your awareness into the center of your head, in the centerline of your body. Your body sits in the center of your aura grounded though the breath into the center of the planet.

We are rebooting our regular Sacred Body Wisdom readings. Now a part of the Sacred Bodies, Sacred Rhythms newsletter/blog, we’ll post a body wisdom & awareness practice once monthly along with 4-5 other topics to create a weekly adventure in self-awareness: exploring the mystical conversation between body & spirit.

We offer intuition & healing courses; daily Pilates Alchemy classes; movement-energy teacher trainings; intuitive readings & coaching; CD’s, gift cards, oracle cards & books.

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