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The Rhythms of Change: Seasonal Newsletter for Sacred Bodies, Sacred Rhythms

Sacred Body Resources: Seasonal Celebrations on the Celtic Wheel of the Year

Lughnasadh is the first of the harvest celebrations each year and marks the transition of Summer into Fall. The feast of the fruits and flowers, it blends the elements of water from the wells of the earth’s womb with the fiery rays of the sun, as long daylight hours diminish into the ever-expanding darkness of the night. Here we honor both the masculine and feminine energies in celebration of the shadows in the light, the mysteries, the warmth of the Sun and the cool cycles of the Moon.

And as the Wheel of the Year turns upward from the South into the West, Lughnasadh symbolizes the agreement between all living beings and our planet–to honor the last sheath of grain that is woven through corn husks and made into corn dollies in the image of woman and queen. These dolls were the effigies and receptacles for all the woes and shadow states of the tribe that were absorbed and held throughout the year by women. As the women twisted and formed the husks, their burdens were purged into the corn dolls, and afterwards burned to transmute the energy, using the dross to fertilize new ground for Spring planting.

Lugh is one of the gods of light; Nasadh is the binding promise Lugh made to the mother goddess, Tailtiu, who cleared the whole of Ireland to feed her tribe. Lughnasadh, is her funereal festival, a celebration of her life’s work.

Celebrating at Lughnasadh:

Feast on your harvest; light-up the night sky with your inner bonfire; sing and dance the re-committment to your sacred marriage inside. Watch the parade of torches–the light that is carried only by the women who’ve been into the underworld and back again. This is the festival of victory–the brilliant light against the powers of darkness–as the Wheel turns once more into the West.

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