Adventures of Samba

Samba is a whale. He’s an Orca, and just for fun, he sometimes likes to go by the name, “ThrillerWhale!”

He just loves to lay on his back on the surface of the Sea, his eyes closed, soaking up the sun, kicking his fins, rolling over to blow and breathe, then rolling onto his back again, just reee-laxing.

Samba says this is the best way to reminisce…and whales have incredible memories so there’s lots to reminisce about! In fact, you probably already know this, Whales are the Record Keepers of all life in our Galaxy throughout eternity!

Mmmmm. Floating. Dreaming. Feels so luxurious. Samba re-membered his life before water, before swimming. It was his big journey, a once in a lifetime adventure.

A huge cluster of stars and planets appeared in his dream. They were filled with amazing beings who loved the Earth, humans and all who live here. Samba has always been great friends with the faeries and other Earthly elementals, even when he was a Starling high in the sky, and especially now that he’s a Whale swimming the wide open Seas.

Somehow, the sea was a lot like the sky.

He remembered his first really grand wish. During his baby Star years, Samba was gazing around the Galaxy and wished upon the bigger Stars for a visit to Earth one day. Suddenly, before he could blink even once in surprise, Samba’s little Star body started to jiggle and quake.

All the tethers between his aura and his Star Friends began to let go all around him. Even the strands that linked him to the planets were getting loose. And smack in the middle of all the links, his connection to the Sirius Sun broke free and he began faaaaalling from the sky!

By now you’ve probably guessed, that was the night Samba’s journey to Earth began.

And more to come as Samba the Great Orca from Heaven continues to dream.

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