Sara hunched lonely, nestling herself into a rock throne on the outcropping. She’d shined that seat many times over the years when self-reflection was a driving necessity, always looking Westward for her answers.

Today though, it was all about rumination and a conversation she’d had with one of the more prominent and secretly judgmental townspeople. The woman was typically abusive; kindly and different out in the world than she was in her home.

The words she spoke to Sara days ago wouldn’t go away; her passive-aggressive energy was poisonous and omnipresent, and the pressure of the critique continued to pulse against the inside of Sara’s forehead, driving her to rant crazily.

It would’ve been less a trigger for her if the woman’s reaction hadn’t included a vicious statement about Sara’s supposed lack of heart. She knew it was projection, though its stinger went deep into an old unresolved wound. It would have been less a trigger if the woman hadn’t been her Mother.

Sara began to sob, deep sadness coursing through her body. Her tears were for everyone, especially her Mother, dropping, pooling and softening the dry-baked ground to one day receive the seeds.

Copyrighted by the Energetic Connection 2012

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